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The creative team of AMBERLAND is currently seeking singing actors for principal roles in an upcoming musical workshop, set in a fictional, folksy town in Upstate New York during present day.


Direction & Dramaturgy: Miss Hazel Jade 

Music, Lyrics & Book: Will Shishmanian 

Music Supervision: Bryan Perri 

AMBERLAND is a charming, original folk musical that takes you on an escape to a small, upstate town, where Mark Howard moves away from his childhood home. Features a folk score with hints of rock, country, bluegrass, soul, and pop. 

In an effort to create accessible theatre and audition processes, we urge performers to submit whether they are represented by an agent or not, and whether they’re an AEA member or not. 

Performers of all genders and ethnicities are encouraged to submit! 

If you think you can dance – please submit. 

If you think you can sing – please submit. 

If you think you can sing and dance – we would really love to see you submit!

We are currently seeking performers for the following roles:

MARK: 20s – 30s, trans male. White-passing. A trans man living stealth — not sharing his trans identity when it’s not necessary. He left his childhood home where he lived with his family on their farm with underwhelming support. (Vocal Range: Tenor, soulful, folk/rock.) LEAD 

DANI: Early 30s, female-identified but masc-presenting. A Black queer woman who works as a delivery person in her hometown. She’s quick-witted, determined, and passionate. (Vocal Range: Alto, powerful folk/pop-rock.) LEAD

MAYOR TOM: Late 40s – 60s, male-presenting. Any ethnicity. An old-school, ruggedly-handsome guy who owns the local orchard; he’s also the self-appointed, de facto ‘Mayor of Amberland’ — with a brash, country suave, like an older Gaston. He’s got a total dad-bod, purely made of beer, whiskey, and apples. (Vocal Range: Baritone, country and bluegrass.) PRINCIPAL

BETSY: 30s, female-presenting. Any ethnicity. Mayor Tom’s daughter, who works as the Orchard's on-site manager. She’s bold and gritty — and also bi+, having dated men and women before. (Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano, with a strong folk belt.) PRINCIPAL

CHERYL: 40s – 60s, female-presenting. Any ethnicity. A jolly townswoman who’s the heartbeat of Amberland with a warm, maternal smile and slight Canadian accent. At the top of the show, she sells her old family barn to Dani. And when Mark runs into her when he gets to town, he is instantly reminded of his mother. This actress may also play EDIE, but not always. (Vocal Range: Alto, singer-songwriter with deep range and strong rock belt.) PRINCIPAL 

DERRICK: Late 20s – mid 30s, male-presenting. White-passing. A tall, stocky jock who knows he’s handsome in a gruff way. He’s the supervisor of the Orchard’s Packing House, who loves to prove his masculinity. (Vocal Range: Baritenor, contemporary country music.) PRINCIPAL

EDIE: 40s – 70s, female-presenting. Any ethnicity. Mark’s mother; a “good Catholic woman” who, in an effort to support her husband, emotionally abandoned her son when he needed her most. Now, she yearns to begin anew. (Vocal Range: Open, folksy.) PRINCIPAL 

ALEX: Late 20s – early 30s, any gender. Latiné. A local, queer woodworker. Also, Dani’s best friend and roommate with perfect comedic timing, who signs on to work as lead bartender at her bar. (Vocal Range: Open, alternative rock with a strong belt.) SUPPORTING PRINCIPAL 

BRANDON: 30s, male-presenting. Black. A dark-skinned, friendly guy who works in the Packing House at the Orchard. He’s also bisexual and has been traveling out of town to secretly perform as a drag artist, called ‘Anita Margarita’. (Vocal Range: Tenor, pop with a strong rock belt.) SUPPORTING PRINCIPAL 

CALLIE: Mid-to-late 30s, female-presenting. Any ethnicity. Alex’s older half-sister, who’s very enthusiastic and sometimes over-the-top. She’s straight, but as a recently-divorced mother of two kids, she’s extremely invested in her sister’s life. (Vocal Range: Alto, folk/pop.) SUPPORTING PRINCIPAL 

ANN: 60s – 70s, female-presenting. Black. Dani’s stern, yet loving, Methodist mother. She wears her grey dreads in a rolled updo with an Amberland shirt tucked into either mom jeans or a long denim skirt. (Vocal Range: Alto or Contralto, powerful folk with a gospel belt.) SUPPORTING PRINCIPAL

Please send ONE LINK and slate your name, pronouns, height, vocal range, and the material you’ll be performing. Film your audition from your waist-up, in front of a clean background, with no backlighting and with as much limit of ambient noise as possible. Also, submit your headshot and résumé.

Please prepare a VIDEO performing a folk, country, pop, or singer/songwriter song that shows your range, with accompaniment.

** The music of AMBERLAND is performed in the folk genre and sub-genres, and it calls for strong, free vocals (the less classical, the better).

We won’t be able to respond to all of our submissions, but ensure all will be reviewed and considered. We will be in touch via e-mail if we need anything further.

To submit your audition video, click here:


Music, Lyrics & Book by Will Shishmanian
Music Supervisio
n & Arrangements by Bryan Perri
Direction & Dramaturgy by Miss Hazel Jade

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